ROD is a manufacturer oriented to meet Clients' individual needs. The Company's basic principle is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and ODM (Original Design Manufacture) - manufacturing devices or sub-assemblies conformable to requirements defined by the clients. Owing to rich experience in the mould layout design & capability to analyze the producibility of the new developed parts. We are capable of providing problem solutions to issues reported to us by potential client. During every stage of cooperation, from technical guidelines to mechanical systems and making the design, the project is supervised and managed by an experienced and highly-qualified construction department.


ROD is proud of its many-years' expertise in designing and implementing innovative solutions. Devices produced as Exclusive Design are dedicated to a specific Client and are characterized with parameters to meets the needs of this very Client. Due to the employees' diligence and care for the quality of final products and competitive price, ROD has provided services for many well-known companies, such as: Philips, HP, Lithonia Lighting, Honeywell, Paradox, Rokonet, Securitas.


OEM/ODM standard cycle

Specification of a new idea, even the best ideas, before they are approved for production, need to be specified and verified. That is why, when creating a new product, the planned functionality and appearance of the device that we intend to build should be defined. Only basing on this the draft specification of the new products can be prepared.


Preparing the design

The majority of contemporary products, in order to be successful on the market, must appeal to their potential users. That is why ROD is so concerned with the design taking advantage of the expertise and experience gained by specialists dealing with industrial design. Effects of their work are presented to the Client for acceptation in the form of 3D renderings.


3D model

In order to design electronic elements, PCB and housing design, ROD designers use specialist CAD applications intended for this type of tasks, what significantly facilitates the works and makes it easier to implement potential modifications at every stage of the designing process.

The final effect of this stage is a computer spatial model of the designed device (electronic design documentation) allowing to make a 3D model and then a thin-wall model of the designed device using STL or FDM methods (STL - Selective Triangle Lithography - stereo lithography, FDM - Fused Deposition Modelling).



After the final approval of the design, based on the 3D models, we make production housing forms and first injections. After they are approved, the prototype of the device is assembled. After detailed tests, it is ready for mass production.


Final product

Modern production lines allow ROD to guarantee the global top-quality while keeping competitive prices. The quality system compliant with ISO 9000:2001, flexible production model and our team's experience - these are the factors causing that ROD is among the leading Chinese manufacturer in OEM/ODM service.

ROD is a reliable partner whom you can put your trust in. This is a company with many years of experience that offers complex realization of Client's projects. Starting business relations with ROD, you can be sure to get professional technical advice, modern and unique technological solutions concerning electronics, unique design and professional production that guarantees the highest quality standards of the products.


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