CNC Machining

ROD has advanced CNC machining equipments to provide the best machining services to our customers. Included the milling and turning services, we have imported 3,4,5 axis CNC machining centers.

CNC Machining Advantages

1. High degree of machining automation, reduce labor and human error.   

2. High machining accuracy, realize mass production and control product quality.

3. High machining flexibility, make easy program loading and fast conversion.

4. High processing efficiency, provide multi-coordinate linkage, saving time cost.

Milling Service

We have imported high precision machineand experienced engineers.  Combined with professional precision machining and milling tools, we can manage and complete complex solid geometries , enabling us to quickly prototype products for mass production and precision machining required by our customers.

Turning Service

We also use precision lathe machining equipment to immediately meet our customers' machining needs. From simple drilling to complex design turning techniques, which meet the diversified parts needs of our customers over the world.